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Need to perform the following query in solr:

field_a:"A" AND field_b:/.*sear.* ph.ase.*/
  • single field_a:"A" query is super fast;
  • single field_b:/.*sear.* ph.ase.*/ query is slowish;
  • combined with AND query is slow too;

Setting either one of those query parts as filter doesn't work, the performance is still bad!

Is there a way to instruct solr to perform a search for the second query on the results of the first (to improve performance)?


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Can you make the first query a filter query instead of a regular query. That tends to speed up the results in my experience.

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Sorry, forgot to mention, i have tried that too, same result, it is still slow, thanks! –  Rahim Apr 15 '13 at 19:59

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