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When you search for a restaurant in Google places and go to the business profile (i.e.: https://plus.google.com/107507038669791289691/about?hl=en) the restaurant has a tag (in this case Mexican Restaurant). But when using the Google places api all I can see is a types list

"types" : [ "restaurant", "food", "establishment" ]

Anyone know if it's possible to get the tag "Mexican Restaurant" somehow?

I know about the supported types (https://developers.google.com/places/documentation/supported_types). It is not super helpful.

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I think you would probably have to revert to the text search method on the api..


So your request would end up looking something like the below, restricted down to a specific area


However this will return all other Mexican restaurants in the area, so if you just want to return the one result I would use the Place Details request instead.

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Separate your place types by PIPE symbol "|"

try like this :

String types = "cafe|restaurant|museum" // Listing places only cafes, restaurants and museums.

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