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On this PHP page I'm parsing a signed request that I receive from the facebook registration plug in that I'm using. There is a problem with the location property from the signed request $response object that I'm saving, but I can't figure out what it is. I get one of two errors: 1. The address wasn't understood, firefox doesnt know how to open the address because the protocol (s) isn't associated with any program. When I get that error the browser bar shows this: s:18:"New York,New York"; which is the value of the location property that I'm trying to save into a variable. The second error: The requested URL /~spilot/ York,New York was not found on this server. Again, "New York New York", being the value of the location property that I'm trying to save into a variable. Below is my code for the entire php page:


//code omitted here that decodes and checks the JSON signature of the signed request. It has been tested and I know the problem isn't there. 

    if ($_REQUEST) 
    $response = parse_signed_request($_REQUEST['signed_request'],

//this is where I save the values from the registration form into php variables. 

    $name = $response["registration"]["name"]; 
    $email = $response["registration"]["email"]; 
    $password = $response["registration"]["password"];
    $uID = $response["user_id"];

    // The problem is with the location variable. 

//I want it to store to my database as a string and not an object which is why I use //serialize(), but I get the aforementioned errors whether I use serialize or not.

    $location = $response["registration"]["location"]["name"];

    $city = serialize($location);


// I'm using the Parse Cloud Server to power the back end and I have to connect with parse using javascript. 

    <script type="text/javascript">

    var password = '<?php echo $password ?>';

    var name = '<?php echo $name ?>';

    var uID = '<?php echo $uID ?>';

    var email = '<?php echo $email ?>';

    var location = '<?php echo $city ?>';

             //Initialize the Parse SDK!

               var User = new Parse.User();
                User.set("password",  password);                    
                User.set("username",  name);
                User.set("uID", uID);
                User.set("email", email);
                User.set("location", $city);

          User.signUp(null, { 
          success: function(user) 
          alert("User signed up!"); 


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I'd suggest changing this:

var location = '<?php echo $city ?>';

to perhaps

var city = ...

Your error suggests that this being treated as the equivalent of

window.location = ...;

which for some reason is coming out of PHP as a serialize()' string. Since a serialized string from PHP isn't a valid url, you get that "unknown" protocol error.

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Gosh. It worked. Thanks so much. I had no idea what the problem was. You've been a huge help. – Spilot Apr 15 '13 at 21:54

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