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Komodo edit 8 disables syntax highlighting on large files for performance reasons. Is there anywhere to tweak the threshold, or disable the disabling completely?

My prefs.xml has:

<long id="documentByteCountThreshold">1000000</long>
<long id="documentLineCountThreshold">20000</long>
<long id="documentLineLengthThreshold">32000</long>
<boolean id="donotask_treat_large_documents_as_text">0</boolean>

My test file is 53520 characters (CP1252) over 1040 lines of PHP, and Komodo Edit refuses to syntax highlight it.

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Some time ago i've created following javascript macro. You need to add it to your toolbox

(i.e. go to toolbox, right click, New Macro... and make sure that JavaScript is marked as Language then paste the code )

Macro code:

var gprefs = Components.classes["@activestate.com/koPrefService;1"].

var bUserIsSure = confirm(
    'Current max file size: '+(Math.floor(gprefs.getLongPref("documentByteCountThreshold")/1024/1024*100)/100)+'mb and '+gprefs.getLongPref("documentLineCountThreshold")+' lines. Do you want to increase it 10 times?'

if( bUserIsSure ){

        var gprefs = Components.classes["@activestate.com/koPrefService;1"].
        gprefs.setLongPref("documentByteCountThreshold", 10 * gprefs.getLongPref("documentByteCountThreshold"));
        gprefs.setLongPref("documentLineCountThreshold", 10 * gprefs.getLongPref("documentLineCountThreshold"));
        // No reason to change "documentLineLengthThreshold"

Then execute it from toolbox as many times that you need or feel free to change multiply, for your own constants values.

Hope it will help.

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