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I want to get my variables from a config file.

First I had a class which had this :

var $host;
var $username;
var $password;
var $db;

Now I have this :

protected $host = 'localhost';
protected $username = 'root';
protected $password = '';
protected $db = 'shadowcms';

This is used in a __construct function for my mysqli connection

But now I need to insert the values in the class itself instead of getting them from the config file.

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if you want to do that, don't protect them (from doing that in first place) –  Dagon Apr 15 '13 at 21:00

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protected members cannot be accessed directly from outside the class.

If you need to do so you could provide accessors to get/set them. You could also declare them public and access them directly.

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Members declared protected can be accessed only within the class itself and by inherited and parent classes.

In other words, in you config class you define the protected properties. They can only be accessed (directly) by inheriting that config class.

class ConfigBase
  protected $host = 'localhost';

class MyConfig 
  public function getHost()
    return $this->host;

$config = new MyConfig();
echo $config->getHost(); // will show `localhost`
echo $config->host; // will throw a Fatal Error
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You can use a getter with a variable-variable, like

public function get($property) {
    return $this->$property;

Then you can just do


for example.

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