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I'm looking for a quick and dirty way to get a list of all ActiveX components regeistered on a PC along with the version information.

Basically I need the long name of the component (ex:Microsoft Excel 12.0 object Library) , Filename (ex:EXCEL.EXE), and version number.

I want to get this programmatically using .NET.

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Scan your Registry in HKCR\CLSID - there are all COM Components registered.

But: You will receive a lot of ActiveX Controls! I dont know what this would help.

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Not .Net, but Microsoft provides the source for OLEView

See: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/w9yyfff5(VS.80).aspx

I consider it the classic way of looking at the registered controls on your system.

I also agree with Arthur, you will see a bunch of controls.

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