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Is it possible to write this query with INNER JOINs?

SELECT links.product_id AS entity_id, products.sku, links.`linked_product_id` AS     linked_entity_id, products2.`sku` AS linked_skus
FROM catalog_product_entity AS products,
    catalog_product_link AS links,
    catalog_product_entity AS products2
WHERE links.`product_id` = products.`entity_id`
    AND links.`linked_product_id` = products2.`entity_id`

Also, catalog_product_link has a column type_id, and I wanted to get only rows with type_id value 1 with AND catalog_product_link.type_id = 1 condition at the end, but it doesn't work. How do I go about getting only records with type_id=1?

I'm having a problem where when I add WHERE links.type_id=1 to the statement, the result comes out wrong. Everything under product_id is the same number (same entity_id/product_id), and everything under sku is NULL. linked_product_id and linked_skus are correct, though.

More information:


| entity_id | sku | ... |
|    1      | abc |     |
|    2      | qwe |     |
|    3      | yui |     |


| product_id (same as entity_id) | linked_product_id | type_id |
|               1                |         5         |    1    |
|               1                |         6         |    1    |
|               2                |         1         |    2    |
|               3                |         1         |    1    |
|               3                |         2         |    1    |
|               3                |         4         |    1    |
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Something like...

    l.product_id AS entity_id, l.linked_product_id AS linked_entity_id
FROM catalog_product_entity AS p
     INNER JOIN catalog_product_link AS l
         ON p.entity_id= l.product_id
WHERE l.type_id = 1
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I made a quick edit to fix a typo. It works, except for WHERE l.type_id=1. I'm having the problem I was having.. I updated my post for more description. Have any idea why I get some numbers and NULL values for those two columns? – musicliftsme Apr 15 '13 at 21:26
I re-read your question and realized you were defining the catalog_product_entity table twice, I updated my answer/code, you should be fine with my updated post as it joins the catalog_product_entity table with the catalog_product_link table by product_id selecting only rows where type_id = 1. Let me know if that doesn't work or if you can post what your table contents look like currently it might paint a better picture. – Brock Hensley Apr 16 '13 at 12:16
Yeah, it's still the same. Let me update my original post. – musicliftsme Apr 16 '13 at 15:04
Hmm, I'm not sure what I did, but my original query with AND links.link_type_id=1 appended at the end works fine now. But when I use yours, the returned records are like this [(NULL)|41891|66], [(NULL)|41891|67], [(NULL)|41891|68], [etc] (sku|entity_id|linked_entity_id). 41891 is one of the entity_ids but it's just repeated for all rows returned. This is the problem I was originally having. – musicliftsme Apr 16 '13 at 15:19
   links.product_id AS entity_id, 
   links.linked_product_id AS linked_entity_id, 
   products2.sku AS linked_skus
FROM catalog_product_link AS links
  catalog_product_entity AS products ON products.entity_id = links.product_id
  catalog_product_entity AS products2 ON products2.entity_id = links.linked_product_id
WHERE links.type_id = 1
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