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Essentially, I have this website, the content of which changes depending on what the user inputs into the query string.

When the user enters it loads content for 1 and /?2 for 2

My problem is that I have a facebook like button within my page, and to make it work I have written this js code:

<script type="text/javascript">
            var sUrl = window.location;
                document.getElementById('fbcom').setAttribute('href', sUrl);

this gets the url and allows the user to like different content from what is technically one file.

My problem is that when a user likes for example /?1 on facebook, if someone where to click this link on their newsfeed and decide that they like it too, technically they will be liking the page /?1-with all the additional facebook code on the end of the url, so heading back to /?1 the like has not registered.

How can I modify the above code to ignore any facebook rubbish on the end of the url when they are directed from facebook?

Important: the ID /?1 can be anything from a 1 digit to a 4 digit number e.g /?1234 My current JS ability is very poor. Thanks

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you can do that with regex:

var sUrl = window.location.toString().replace(/^(.*?)(\?.*)?$/, '$1');
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I have used .htaccess file to rewrite the url from to how would I implement this into the same example but without the question mark? sorry I don't really understand your code – user2228313 Apr 15 '13 at 21:26
hmmm.. my code is based on the ?, it remove the part of the string that follows it!. what would this url for i.e. become after applying your .htaccess rewrite rules? – razzak Apr 15 '13 at 21:34
@user2228313 Note that JavaScript sees the URL as the browser sees it. If you're rewriting between /?1 (query) server-side and /1 (path) client-side, JavaScript will only know the /1 (path). If instead the "query" variant is seen client-side, then the replace can be altered to look for an &, which should separate the 1 from any Facebook name/values. – Jonathan Lonowski Apr 15 '13 at 21:49

You can combine the properties of location you actually want to keep -- which seems to be protocol, host, and pathname:

var sLoc = window.location;
var sUrl = sLoc.protocol + '//' + + sLoc.pathname;

You can also just use the pathname as relative-from-root:

var sUrl = window.location.pathname;
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