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I have found a lot of topics about stress-testing web application.

My goals are different, it's to test only database (sybase sql anywhere 9).

What I need:

  • Some tool to give a diagnostic of all sqls and find a bottleneck. I wish I could macro-view the entire system easily.
  • Best practices to design/build a good sql queries.

The system issues are:

  • 20GB database size.
  • 2-5 request per second
  • Thousands sql spread in the code (this messy can be solved only rewriting the system).
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several open source tools are listed here:

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Great list of solutions. – Ismael Oct 21 '09 at 19:00

The quickest way would actually be to upgrade your SQL Anywhere to v10 or (better) v11, as the latest releases include a complete performance diagnostic toolset. See the documentation here for more details.

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