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I am creating an MS Access 2010 database. I am using the API to do what the common dialog control did in previous versions of MS Access to open a directory and select a file. My client would like me to be able to open all of the files in the directory when a user clicks on a folder (so the user does not click on a file, just a folder). I cannot find an even triggering when the folder is clicked on within the common dialog control that comes up using the API.

Can anyone tell me how to open all the files in a directory (they will be .pdf files) when using the API for the common dialog control in MS ACCESS 2010?

The API calls I am using are here:

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Use a FileSystemObject from Microsoft.Scripting.Runtime (must add reference to the project). The following sub adds to a collection the string names of all pdf files in a given folder. Get the folder path from the dialog (with folder picking option, not file picking)

Sub GetFolderPDFFiles(FolderPath As String, Col As Collection)

    Dim FS As New FileSystemObject
    Dim Dir As Folder
    Dim Arq As File

    Set Dir = FS.GetFolder(FolderPath)

    For Each Arq In Dir.Files
        If UCase(Right(Arq.Name, 4)) = ".PDF" Then
            Call Col.Add(Arq.Path)
        End If

End Sub
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