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I was trying to implement a rich snippet for google results with the person object. We list out doctors and hence we chose the Person object. Everything works great, for example, title, address, affiliation. The only thing which doesnt work is the photo. Here is the link to the page with the problem

I have followed the instructions mentioned in which mentions photo parameter should be used.

My microdata code for photo is

<img itemprop="photo" src="" alt="">

The rich snippet testing tool does show the url of the image for the photo parameter, however the photo isn't displayed on the rich snippet tool. Can someone suggest what I am doing wrong?

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There is no error in what you are doing. Only your interpretation of the expected behavior. You are simply telling the spiders what image is a photo of the doctor, it's up to who ever renders the result to show the image or not. Google wont show this image for instance, I don't know of any search engine that will.

If you really wishes for a photo in the search result you should look in to connecting every page with the doctors Google+ profile.

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The last part is out of date since mid 2014, where Google dropped named feature. – Jan-Philip Gehrcke Feb 28 '15 at 16:42


As of now Google has discontinued the authorship snippet in search result hence won't show any image from Google+ profile linked with website.


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