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I have a flash file in my web page,the flash accepts a value as an argument and shows a graphics based on that. Now i want to know using javascript ,can i reload the flash ? So that when user enter a value and clicks on a button, the value will be passed to the flash file in same page and show the graphic.(without loading the page again)

Any thoughts ? Thanks in advance

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You could use swfobject to embed the flash dynamically, or you could just put the flash object in a 1px by 1px container and show it when you're ready. To pass in the argument, you could expose javascript methods in the flash object, like in this tutorial from adobe.

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swfobject is the best bet here. That framework can do all the dirty work of embedding/removing flash. It's simple to use as well. – jimyshock Oct 21 '09 at 20:33

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