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Jerkson started throwing a really strange error that I haven't seen before.

com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonMappingException: No serializer found for class scala.runtime.BoxedUnit and no properties discovered to create BeanSerializer (to avoid exception, disable SerializationConfig.SerializationFeature.FAIL_ON_EMPTY_BEANS) ) (through reference chain: scala.collection.MapWrapper["data"])

I'm parsing some basic data from an API. The class I've defined is:

case class Segmentation(
  val legend_size: Int,

  val data: Data


and Data looks like:

case class Data(
  val series: List[String],

  val values: Map[String, Map[String, Any]]


Any clue why this would be triggering errors? Seems like a simple class that Jerkson can handle.

Edit: sample data:

{"legend_size": 1, "data": {"series": ["2013-04-06", "2013-04-07", "2013-04-08", "2013-04-09", "2013-04-10", "2013-04-11", "2013-04-12", "2013-04-13", "2013-04-14", "2013-04-15"], "values": {"datapoint": {"2013-04-12": 0, "2013-04-15": 4, "2013-04-14": 0, "2013-04-08":
0, "2013-04-09": 0, "2013-04-11": 0, "2013-04-10": 0, "2013-04-13": 0, "2013-04-06": 0, "2013-04-07": 0}}}}
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I had the same exception. what caused it in my case is that I defined an apply method in the companion object without '=':

object Somthing {
   def apply(s: SomthingElse)  {

instead of

object Somthing {
   def apply(s: SomthingElse) = {

That caused the apply method return type to be Unit which caused the exception when I passed the object to jackson. Not sure if that is the case in your code or if this question is still relevant but this might help others with this kind of problem.

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