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When optimizing my require.js project using the grunt-contrib-requirejs task, many scripts are required multiple times because of relative paths. Here is a list of dependencies outputted during the build:


Notice how utils.js is included 7 times:


Flight requires utils.js in every script in their lib with the path of ./util and sometimes requires other dependencies that then require ./util again.

grunt-contrib-requirejs passes their options directly to requirejs which includes a function trimDots that is supposed to "[trim] the . and .. from an array of path segments."

Why isn't that taking care of some of the obvious duplicates?

What can I do to eliminate the other duplicates where the relative path equates to the same absolute path?

If the relative paths would normalize to absolute paths, all would be good.


This is how my project is structured:

.tmp/scripts/ (where coffeescript is compiled)
app/scripts/ (coffeescript source)
components/ (bower components)
dist/ (where optimized code is output)
Gruntfile.coffee (requirejs config)

Here is my requirejs config from my Gruntfile:

      baseUrl: '.tmp/scripts'
      # paths relative to baseUrl
        requireLib: '../../components/requirejs/require'
      include: 'requireLib'
      optimize: 'uglify2'
      generateSourceMaps: true
      preserveLicenseComments: false
      useStrict: true
      wrap: true
      name: 'main'
      out: 'dist/main.js'
      mainConfigFile: '.tmp/scripts/main.js'

Here is what's in app/scripts/main.coffee:

    # required dependencies
    jquery: '../../components/jquery/jquery'
    es5shim: '../../components/es5-shim/es5-shim'
    es5sham: '../../components/es5-shim/es5-sham'
    # plugins
    text: '../../components/requirejs-text/text'
    pickadate: '../../components/pickadate/source/pickadate.legacy'
      'flight/component': '../../components/flight/lib/component'
      deps: ['jquery', 'es5shim', 'es5sham']
      deps: ['../../components/flight/lib/index']

require ['app'], (App) ->

Here is what's in app/scripts/app.coffee:

define [
], (Apple, Orange) ->
  initialize = ->
    Apple.attachTo document
    Orange.attachTo document

  initialize: initialize

Both app/scripts/ui/apple.coffee and app/scripts/ui/orange.coffee are simply:

"use strict"
define ['flight/component'], (defineComponent) ->
  apple = ->
    # stuff
  defineComponent apple
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My teammate dug into r.js included in the requirejs node module and confirmed that they aren't normalizing the paths in a way that would eliminate the duplicates I have. Not sure if this is intended or incorrect. If he can dig further, maybe he can open an issue on GitHub. –  maxbeatty Apr 16 '13 at 17:53
I've written a grunt task called grunt-reduce which does a whole bunch of optimizations to your page, including correct resolving and minification of requirejs dependencies. If you are alright with other optimizations being run as well, maybe you should try it to see if you can run it out of the box: github.com/Munter/grunt-reduce –  Munter Apr 29 '13 at 11:12

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Try setting baseUrl in the grunt-contrib-requirejs options:

requirejs: {
    compile: {
        options: {
            baseUrl: "path/to/base"

Documented here.

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I already have baseUrl set to .tmp/scripts since that's where my CoffeeScript is compiled to. I updated the question with more detail of my project layout. –  maxbeatty Apr 16 '13 at 17:51

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