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I am a beginner and new to StackOverflow.

In my root folder, which has a package, I have a build file "build.xml". i wish to execute the build file using the command "ant" while in Eclipse. Example in the folder:


Now, in Terminal we simply type "ant" and the project get's built into jar files.

How do I do the same in Eclipse?

PLEASE NOTE: The answer below maybe right, but the build file isn't showing up there!

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window > show view > ant > add build.xml > hit play button

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the build file simply won't show there! –  user2282158 Apr 16 '13 at 0:19

Right-click on the build.xml file. Select: Run As > Ant Build.

Also note, you shouldn't place your build file in the src package. I think build.xml should be the same level as src, not in it.

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