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My site uses javascript which reads youtube video ID's from an array. In the format:

1:  'A8JsRx2loix',
2:  'XFGAQrEUaes',
3:  'qX9FSZJu44s'

Whats the best way to take a list of urls like

and extract the 11 digit video ids, putting them in the given format above.

NOTE: the urls can be in different formats, for example when they are in playlists.

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You can use parse_url($url) and extract v=VIDEO ID – u54r Apr 16 '13 at 0:43
Yes it starts with finding the 'v=' and the following ampersand then cutting off the left and right side. You'll need a regular expression for cleanliness because how can you be sure the 'v=' will end up where you are showing us above? If you are sure then you can do a find and left/right trim and keep just the ID....I'll see if I can whip you something up (unless someone beats me to it). – Frank Tudor Apr 16 '13 at 0:55

You can use this function which should deal with any youtube url, It will return an object like:

    type: 'youtube',
    id: 'A8JsRx2loix'

function testUrlForMedia(url) {
    var success = false;
    var media = {};
    if (url.match('http://(www.)?youtube|youtu\.be')) {
        if (url.match('embed')) {
            youtube_id = url.split(/embed\//)[1].split('"')[0];
        else {
            youtube_id = url.split(/v\/|v=|youtu\.be\//)[1].split(/[?&]/)[0];
        media.type = "youtube"; = youtube_id;
        success = true;
    if (success) {
        return media;
    return false;

Original Source

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