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I am using some Google web fonts for my website, Arabic fonts, from here

I import these fonts in my css

@import url(;
@import url(;

The fonts work just fine everywhere but not on ipad. I tried to google the issue and I came up with this Stack question that suggests SVG. Any clues on how to get SVG for Google web fonts? Thanks

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I haven't read all of the terms of use, but they give you access to download the font. I believe you can then take that font to Font Squirrel and it will generate you the font types you need (and CSS @font-face styles) so you can self-host the font yourself.

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I tried to do this already but the fonts are not working, sounds like there is a problem with Font Squirrel in converting Arabic fonts –  hamama Apr 16 '13 at 2:57

I solved it, Google fonts don't have SVG format in their defaults of these fonts, I had to download them and get the SVG format, re-include my fonts and it worked well so far on iPad Peek, with test them and get a final feedback

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