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I have a multi-module project that includes several .war packages. I would like to be able to 'mvn jetty:run' on the parent pom and have each of the sub-modules's .wars deployed on the same embedded jetty instance.

I am able to successfully run 'mvn jetty:run' from each of the the sub-modules, but when I run it on the parent pom it fails and skips the sub-modules.

Trying to run 'mvn jetty:run' from the parent pom results in the following:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.mortbay.jetty:maven-jetty-plugin:6.1.16:run default-cli) on project FlashCards_App: Webapp source directory C:\dev\sour ce_code\FlashCards_App\src\main\webapp does not exist -> [Help 1]

It's true there is no webapp directory on the parent pom.

Here's an excerpt from my pom. The full file can be found here.


This is basically the same question asked in 2009 in this post. It's been a few years and I'm wondering if there are any other options available now. The previous post proposes two solutions (1) using cargo plugin and (2) building sister wars from a sub-module.

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Due to lack of being able to give an authoritative answer, I rather post this as a comment: I don't think this is gonna fly. You could possibly code the heck out of plugins and such, but I think it'd be an awkward solution at best. How about making another project that depends on the others, just for this purpose? It could assemble the dependencies into place if needed, and run that single Jetty. –  Sander Verhagen Apr 16 '13 at 3:45

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Your best shot is probably to configure the jetty plugin to run multiple webapps. I'm not sure if it would work from your parent pom though, so you might have to use on of your modules as the "launcher" webapp, or create a "dummy webapp" in your parent project.

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cd parent_module
mvn jetty:run -pl sub_module

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please provide some explanation for your answer so that future visitors can know what it is about –  Illegal Argument Jun 23 at 13:52
I think it's compendious –  jiahut Jul 30 at 9:26

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