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Are there any open source not drupal bundeled alternatives to the not very active Ideatorrent project?

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I would also love to know the answer to this. –  Sherri Dec 14 '09 at 20:24

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Pligg is the only one which seems to have some voting features like IdeaTorrent although it looks to be more focussed on voting for stories than voting for ideas.

Perhaps a Pligg user can comment on its suitability as a replacement for IdeaTorrent?

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How about BBYIDX, the tool behind Best Buy IdeaX that has been open sourced.

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The Github link is dead. Did they cancel it being OS? –  Kissaki Jul 13 at 14:47

OpenideaL, also a drupal based product, does exactly that: https://drupal.org/project/idea

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Just a FYI for everyone: Last post is release of v2 from 2011. –  Kissaki Jul 13 at 14:51
The last OpenieaL version is only from two months ago, not from 2011. It dates to May 14th 2014. –  zstolar Jul 14 at 7:01

I was thinking that if you added 'voting' to the open source KB software 68KB (http://68kb.com/) then you could use votes to add 'weight' to the KB articles and that would have the same effect.

KB articles would be 'ideas', and users can add comments and vote.

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