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I want to print the following array named $all_class_subjects in smarty template:

[4] => Array
            [class_id] => 5
            [class_name] => V
            [class_order] => 0
            [class_subject_assign] => 0
            [class_added_date] => 1365837028
            [class_updated_date] => 1365837028
            [class_added_staff_id] => ff8d4a5ea6bf11dce105aa2fa7b959b8
            [class_updated_staff_id] => ff8d4a5ea6bf11dce105aa2fa7b959b8
            [sub_data] => Array
                    [0] => Chemistry
                    [1] => Mathematics


And the code which I'm trying to print the array(not all elements only class_name, and subject names present in sub_data array):

{if $all_class_subjects}
         {foreach from=$all_class_subjects item=class_subject_data}
           <td width="20%">{$class_subject_data.class_name|capitalize}</td>
           <td width="40%">
            {foreach from=class_subject_data.sub_data item=subject key=subject_name}

              <br />

         {/foreach}     h


But I'm not able to print the subject names of the sub_data array. So please help we by telling how to print those subject names. Please help me to print only those subject names, other things I'll manage on my own. Thanks in advance.

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You may have a syntax error

{foreach from=class_subject_data.sub_data item=subject key=subject_name}

should be (the $ appears to be missing on class_subject_data.sub_data):

{foreach from=$class_subject_data.sub_data item=subject key=subject_name}

Failing that just under the foreach loop use {$subject|@print_r} to see if you're getting any data. And just before the loop, see if you're getting any data in your multi dimensional array {$class_subject_data.sub_data|@print_r}.

When you debug it and everything looks to be working, to print the values, use the following. from is the data array, item is the value of the array and key is the key of the array. Hope this helps!

{foreach from=$class_subject_data.sub_data item=subject_name key=subject_key}
    The subject is: {$subject_name} and the Key is {$subject_key}

A variable in smarty is defined by {$variable_name}. See the docs for more info.

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Hey thx. Your trick worked, I'm getting the data.But could you help me a little bit more, please. Just tell me how to print those values in proper format instead of using print_r(). Thx once again for your help. – PHPLover Apr 16 '13 at 4:51
Within that loop, just use {$subject_name} -- Note the change in item and key (I'll edit the answer too). – Cumbo Apr 16 '13 at 4:54
Hey Cumbo, thank you very much friend for your help. You helped me to achieve exactly I wanted to achieve. – PHPLover Apr 16 '13 at 6:12

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