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I want to find replace part of what is matched.


this is awesome look at this two letter words get replaced

the return would be

this <h1>is</h1> awesome look <h1>at</h1> this two letter words get replaced

Notice how the is and at which would match regex \b\w\w\b would be matched are replaced.

This is the code I was working on. It's not finished but I am just a little confused and wondering if there is an easier way. I was searching the string and finding the matches. Then I was adding it to an ArrayList and replace each one. The problem is one of the thing that I am replacing is { and I want to replace it with {{}

Now in a look this will continually replace the brackets because I keep adding them... So my other thought was to replace them all one by one char by char and add to a new StringBuilder object?

ArrayList<String> replacements = new ArrayList<String>();

String s = "::";

s += command;

Pattern p = Pattern.compile("[!-~]");
Matcher match = p.matcher(this.execution);


StringBuilder string = new StringBuilder();

for(int i=0; i<this.execution.length(); i++)
    String a  =new String(execution.charAt(i));
s += "::" + this.execution;
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I don't really get how could your code solve the requirements you explained above...

That said, it seems to be a easier way to do this kind of job by using the JAVA's replaceAll method, typically for the two-letter words:

"this is awesome look at this two letter words get replaced"
.replaceAll("(\\b\\w{2}\\b)", "<h1>$1</h1>");

This prints:

this <h1>is</h1> awesome look <h1>at</h1> this two letter words get replaced
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yea wasn't the smartest move. I was writing it for something else tho. I needed to check each char to make sure it wasn't a certain char then replace it. so i was adding it to the string builder while building it back up. – Lpc_dark Apr 16 '13 at 21:22

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