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After i upgraded sencha touch from 2.0 to 2.1, all my list styles have gone for a toss. How do i get it back? Please help..

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Do you mean custom styling?

If you probably have to reconfigure your css with new selectors. In the release notes of 2.1 (actually 2.1.0-b3) the new list component is added to 2.1 and it requires some css editing:

Due to these changes, the DOM structure was altered for lists and you may need to change some css selectors to add appropriate styling for your lists. Typically you need to change the selector from '.x-list-item' to '.x-list-item > .x-dock-vertical > .x-dock-body' for any padding or margins you may have added.

More detail in: http://cdn.sencha.com/touch/alpha/

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