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I get an error error trying to access "previous" in something not a structure or union on this line of code: *head->previous = newHead

I'm not quite sure why... Any help is much appreciated.

struct ListNode
     int value;
     struct ListNode* next;
     struct ListNode* previous;

void insertAtHead(struct ListNode** head,int val)
     struct ListNode* newHead = malloc(sizeof(struct ListNode));
     newHead->value = val;
     newHead->next = NULL;
     newHead->previous = NULL;
     if(*head == NULL)
         *head = newHead;
         newHead->next = *head;
         *head->previous = newHead;
         *head = newHead;
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Try (*head)->previous – WhozCraig Apr 16 '13 at 5:23
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The -> operator has higher precedence than *. So, *head->previous is grouped as *(head->previous), which is not what you want. Use parenthesis:

(*head)->previous = newHead;
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