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I have the following Rules setup in my .htaccess file

RewriteRule ^detail.php / [R=301,NC,L]
RewriteRule ^tempate.php / [R=301,NC,L]

What these do is perform a 301 redirect when detail.php and template.php is called, although this works this is not working when I enter mydomain.co.za/detail.php?product_id=2432&category=700 then it redirects the website to mydomain.co.za/?product_id=2432&category=700

I need any url where the filename is detail.php or template.php with any amount of parameters in the query string to redirect to the home page

I tried RewriteRule ^detail.php?(.*) / [R=301,NC,L] and this also not working. Any help or guide will be appreciated.

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Replace your 2 RewriteRule lines with this line:

RewriteRule ^(?:detail|template)\.php$ /? [R=301,NC,L]

Note that question mark after /, that is a special mod_rewrite syntax to strip out any existing query string from original URI.

Also remember that RewriteRule only matches URI without query string therefore your attempt of ^detail.php?(.*) / [R=301,NC,L] won't work as you expected.

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Fantastic, makes now perfect sense. Implemented and tested and it works perfectly as expected –  Roland Apr 16 '13 at 6:34
You're welcome, glad that it worked out. –  anubhava Apr 16 '13 at 6:43

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