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I want to add new fields placed inside a container ( layout:hbox ) to the FormPanel dynamically by dragging and dropping.

While dropping in Form panel I'm able to add fields dynamically. But i want to add in the position where they dropped.

var dynamicField = Ext.create('Ext.container.Container',{
                            layout : 'hbox',

                             items: [{

                                                           }, {
                                     xtype : 'image',
                                     src : 'images/cancel.png',
                                     hidden : true



                               //   tried    dynamicField.showAt(e.getXY());

with dynamicField.showAt(e.getXY()) no luck //e is the event object

Can anybody suggest me how can i achieve?

Regards URL

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One idea to resolve this is like, you need to place multiple place holders(droppable containers) inside form panel, so you can replace the container with the newly placed control. – Rency Apr 16 '13 at 14:04
How can i get the control and position of it? @Rency – url Apr 19 '13 at 9:50

There is a sample example for this provided by sencha,!/example/dd/dragdropzones.html. In this we are creating a custom drop-able area and we can add anything to that. check code of this sample.

 onNodeDrop : function(target, dd, e, data){
        var rowBody ='.x-grid-rowbody-tr', null, false),
            mainRow = rowBody.previousSibling,
            h = gridView.getRecord(mainRow),
            targetEl = Ext.get(target);

        targetEl.insert(<your control>); // here we can add control directly into it.
        return true;

For understanding drag & drop , there is a good guide :!/guide/drag_and_drop

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