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I have two Backbone SuperModel Info and Content, and associate 1-to-1 with each other in the way:

 Info.has().one('content', {
      model: Content,
      inverse: 'info'

 Content.has().one('info', {
      model: Info,
      inverse: 'content'

and saved instances of these two Models into different localStorages:

Info.all().localStorage = new Backbone.LocalStorage('info'); // all() returns the collection.
Content.all().localStorage = new Backbone.LocalStorage("content"); 

// instances of Info Model. 'id' would be generated when calling initialize()
var info1 = Info.create();
var info2 = Info.create();

var content1 = Content.create({
    info_id: info1.get('id')
var content2 = Content.create({
    info_id: info2.get('id')

// save to localStorage;;;;

While after fetched them out, all of the associations get lost:


Info.all().at(0).content(); // undefined.

anyone met this before ? how did you do that ?

Besides, supermodel.js promises that

Association properties are retrieved using a getter function. This allows optimizations such as lazy-loading through collections. Other associations may be lazy-loaded in the future as well.

Does this mean I can loaded the Content model associated with Info.all().at(0) through


even if instances of Content model haven't been fetched yet ?(seems it doesn't work)

How to achieve this kinda lazy-loaded ?

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