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I have a WPF MMVM application and we are getting xml parser exception from viewmodel method. But the problem is I don't want to show the exception from viewmodel. I would like to show the message from view (CustomMessageBox.Show() call from view)

As per the below code, I am calling CustomMessageBox.Show() from view model catch block. How can I call CustomMessageBox.Show() from xaml.cs or xaml?

How can we notify the view about this and call CustomMessageBox.Showfrom view?. This code snippet is called in a WPF command.

Current implementation:

  var xamlReader = XamlReader.Parse(xamlText);
  var gb = modelTemplate.GetGraphicalObject("Icons");
  var strings = new Dictionary<string, string> { { "Default", xamlText } };
  gb.UpdateGraphicalObject(strings, null, null);
  if (xamlReader != null)
    var view = new Viewbox();
    view.Child = (UIElement)xamlReader;
    view.Stretch = Stretch.Uniform;
    modelVM.Icon = view;
  catch (XamlParseException)
    CustomMessageBox.Show("Invalid XAML file specified.", Properties.Resources.NextGenSim, MessageBoxButton.OK, MessageBoxImage.Error);
    //throw new XamlParseException("Invalid XAML file specified");
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@wizzardz Your edit added nothing substantial, the post was fine. All you did was to screw up the indention. Rollback. –  Lundin Apr 16 '13 at 6:22
Maybe you can set a property in your ViewModel when the exception is thrown, and bind to that in you View itself. –  Deruijter Apr 16 '13 at 6:27
Does your MVVM implementation include some sort of Messenger class? –  StaWho Apr 16 '13 at 6:31
I would like to call CustomMessageBox.Show from the view insted of view model. Custommessagebox implemented -->CustomMessageBox: Window. How can i notify viewmodel wxception to view? We didn't implement any Messenger class –  vkshibu Apr 16 '13 at 6:43

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If you're using a messenger / event aggregator (e.g. MVVM Light), you can send a message containing the exceptions details from the viewmodel to the view, which, when received, can trigger the message box to show.

Using MVVM Light, it might look like the following:


Messenger.Default.Send(new ErrorMessage("Invalid XAML file specified.",


Messenger.Default.Register<ErrorMessage>(this, message =>
        CustomMessageBox.Show(message.Message, message.Details, 
                              MessageBoxButton.OK, MessageBoxImage.Error);

The ErrorMessage is a custom class, containing whatever details about the exception you need to display to the user.

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Can i know how can we achive this by event agregator? –  vkshibu Apr 16 '13 at 7:39
Can i know hoe can we achieve the above with event aggregator ? –  vkshibu Apr 16 '13 at 7:40
If you're not using a framework like Prism or Caliburn Micro, here's a post called Roll Your Own Simple Message Bus / Event Aggregator –  Alyce Apr 16 '13 at 7:50

You could create a modal Popup with Visibility Binding to a ViewModel property ErrorMessage, using a ValueConverter which returns true when the source given is not null or empty.

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