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I'm new to Shell scripting and this is what I am looking for-

I need to unzip the .gz tar files in a directory into a temp sub-directory inside this directory. I need to search for a string pattern in the files of this temp directory. After the search, I have to copy the the file names and the corresponding lines in which this String occurs to a new file. And finally I have to delete the temp directory

Any help is welcome. Thanks in Advance

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grep -r 'foo' /bar > baz.txt
  • search recursively in /bar
  • search for string foo
  • output file names and matched lines
  • send output to baz.txt

Edit for icktoofay who did not read the man

       grep [OPTIONS] PATTERN [FILE...]

       -R, -r, --recursive
              Read all  files  under  each  directory,  recursively;  this  is
              equivalent to the -d recurse option.
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grep <pattern> <filename> >> newfile Worked out fine –  Agent Smith Apr 16 '13 at 6:54

if you found it using grep , then just redirect it to some file. and this is what is needed for you:

grep 'string' *.* > output.txt
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