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I followed this article: https://developers.google.com/glass/quickstart/java and try to create a Google APIs Console Project.

But in Services tab I don't see Google Mirror API to enable it!

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It is in Developer Preview stage. The API seems not ready for everyone yet. ( I can't find the item in my API list too ) –  Raptor Apr 16 '13 at 6:37

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Try again. At the time you asked the question, the Mirror API was behind a whitelist, but that whitelist has since been removed. Now anyone can enable the Mirror API.

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It seems its not available to everyone. Follow this thread and it becomes clear. https://plus.google.com/+GoogleDevelopers/posts/cwWuUY6xYKW

However, it seems you can try it out on https://developers.google.com/glass/playground.

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The Playground will only work if you have the Mirror API enabled on your project. Without it, it's just a designer. –  GeekyGamer14 Dec 6 '13 at 0:02

I just picked up my Glass today and they manually enable the Mirror console once you pick up. Even after they whitelisted me for the API, it took about 3 hours to be activated on my account.

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