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I'm using QuickFAST in my project. When I try to compile I receive a lot of compile-time errors in QuickFAST. But QuickFAST code is guaranteed to be valid (and when I open it separately I able to compile it).

Why do I receive this compile-time error in valid code and how to fix it?

typedef boost::shared_ptr<ValueMessageBuilder> ValueMessageBuilderPtr;

Error   3   error C4430: missing type specifier - int assumed. Note: C++ does not support default-int   e:\quickfast\quickfast_1_4_0\src\messages\ValueMessageBuilder_fwd.h 14  1   FastNativeAdapter

typedef boost::uint16_t uint16;

Error   15  error C4430: missing type specifier - int assumed. Note: C++ does not support default-int   E:\quickfast\quickfast_1_4_0\src\Common\Types.h 23  1   FastNativeAdapter

typedef boost::shared_ptr<ValueMessageBuilder> ValueMessageBuilderPtr;

Error   1   error C2653: 'boost' : is not a class or namespace name e:\quickfast\quickfast_1_4_0\src\messages\ValueMessageBuilder_fwd.h 14  1   FastNativeAdapter

void setValue(const uint64 value)

Error   255 error C2535: 'void QuickFAST::Value::setValue(const int)' : member function already defined or declared E:\quickfast\quickfast_1_4_0\src\Common\Value.h 99  1   FastNativeAdapter

virtual void addValue(FieldIdentityCPtr & identity, ValueType::Type type, const uint64 value) = 0;

Error   45  error C2535: 'void QuickFAST::Messages::ValueMessageBuilder::addValue(QuickFAST::Messages::FieldIdentityCPtr &,QuickFAST::ValueType::Type,const int)' : member function already defined or declared E:\quickfast\quickfast_1_4_0\src\Messages\ValueMessageBuilder.h 42  1   FastNativeAdapter

void setValue(const int8 value)
  cachedString_ = false;
  signedInteger_ = value;

Error   310 error C2065: 'value' : undeclared identifier    E:\quickfast\quickfast_1_4_0\src\Common\Value.h 147 1   FastNativeAdapter

boost include and lib files are added to the project.


I've found that it's enough to just include QuickFAST file, like that #include "Messages/ValueMessageBuilder.h". After that I receive compile errors above despite of the fact that I never instatiate or use any QuickFAST classes.

If I remove#include "Messages/ValueMessageBuilder.h" than errors disappear (because in entire program I never refer to any QuickFAST files.

So the point is - it's enough to just include the file. So probaly somehow QuickFAST sources are linked wrong to my project? I've just added include and lib files in project properties...

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Are you sure, you have #incldue <boost/shared_ptr.hpp> and the paths are correctly added? –  Kiril Kirov Apr 16 '13 at 6:38
i do not use shared_ptr. if library use it it must include it itself? regarding boost i think yes paths are correctly added as i'm using some boost methods and they do work. and some compile-time errors are not about boost so I guess this problem is not boost-related –  javapowered Apr 16 '13 at 6:41
Those errors are sometimes tedious to track down, but not hard: 1 take the source file where you get the errors into a new project, including include paths etc, so you get the error there. 2 delete every line in the source that does not contribute to the error, remove includes that don't contribute to the error. Recompile often to check that the error still appears and does not change. 3 subsequently copy the content of included headers and replace the corresponding include directives, i.e. play preprocessor. 4 goto 2. That way you get the essence of the error –  Arne Mertz Apr 16 '13 at 6:51
@ArneMertz if I open same source file in another project i DO NOT get errors. because files are valid. i get errors in my project only. –  javapowered Apr 16 '13 at 7:09
@ArneMertz: No, this is a case of bug in one header taking effect in another. Moving the code in new project won't help (the code is correct). Reordering of the headers will. –  Jan Hudec Apr 16 '13 at 7:11

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Found that in FAQ of QuickFAST and it helped:

To resolve this most applications should set $QUICKFAST_HOME/src as an include directory and include <Application/QuickFAST.h> before including any other QuickFAST headers. Applications that use precompiled headers should include this header in their precompiled header file.

Just need to include Application/QuickFAST.h before any other includes.

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Seems you are right. I'd call that an extremely bad design. The headers should either include their dependencies (it incurs no penalty when those dependencies were already included) or at least have a check for the dependency guard and give an explicit error saying what must be included before them. But it's what you have to live with. –  Jan Hudec Apr 17 '13 at 6:40

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