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I am a coding newb (although I code Expression 2 in a game called Garry's Mod), and I need some help. I am trying to convert MIDIs into a string for a mickey-mouse coding language called Expression 2. This "expression 2" is a coding language in a game called Garry's Mod. My expression 2 code allows me to write in code to play a song.

#|  2  3     5  6  7     9  0     =  a  s     f  g     j  k  l     '
#| |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
#| |C#|D#|  |F#|G#|A#|  |C#|D#|  |F#|G#|A#|  |C#|D#|  |F#|G#|A#|  |C#|
#| |__|__|  |__|__|__|  |__|__|  |__|__|__|  |__|__|  |__|__|__|  |__|
#|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
#|C |D |E |F |G |A |B |C |D |E |F |G |A |B |C |D |E |F |G |A |B |C |  |                                                            
# q  w  e  r  t  y  u  i  o  p  [  ]  z  x  c  v  b  n  m  ,  .  /

This is the register for the E2 code. If I were to input string "qwertyu" into the e2, the Chip will play the notes CDEFGAB. For a long time now, I have had to manually type in the corresponding Alphabet keys to make a song.

This is what the code to play the song "Canon" by Pachelbel looks like

if (first()) {
    TrackSounds[1,string] = "synth/sine.wav"
    TrackVolume[1,number] = 0.8
    TrackStrings[1,string] =


If you wonder why letters are repeated so much, it is because (this) Expression 2 reads each letter and plays the associated note for 50 ticks. Do not mind this. This is all relative. If there is a pause between notes, the pause length (pauses are spaces, in the string) is relative to the note length, and vise versa.

I want to make a program (or locate a program) that can convert a simple MIDI file into a string recognizable by my e2 code. Please help.

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Not quite sure about problem, but have you tried base64 encoding and decoding? There should be a lot of libraries for that.

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Ok, I know this answer is over a year late, but I just stumbled onto this question via Google, and as it turns out, I've already made a program to do exactly this back in 2009. I made a post about it in a Wiremod Forum thread about someone else's converter.

From the forum post:

Notes: Drag a midi on to the application to convert it. It will output the expression2 in the same folder as the midi. Does not support midi type 0, this was out of laziness. Does not support pitch blends. This is used quite often in the first level of Contra on the NES (using the only NSF2MIDI converter I could find). All tracks play synth/tri.wav by default, but you can easily change it. You must change the interval() to 20 for the song to play at the correct speed.

You can download this converter here.

I probably could have made a better converter, but it worked wonderfully for what I was using it for (converting NES music to midi and then to Expression 2)

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Given that the OP is asking for a program to do something, and I happened to have written one for this purpose, an external link is really the only way to answer this. I've added a second link to my dropbox account, so it's easy to access and won't go anywhere. – Jcw87 Mar 2 '15 at 2:53

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