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Im stuck in here... In my app, i implemented a Listview with a CustomAdapter. The Customadapter is made from a List object, that is, List. And the addition to this List is dynamic. And this ListView element has one button field, which is used to delete that selected ClassObject from List. And all these works fine in one orientation. But when orientation changes to another, the list view gets clear, and i checked by code, List gets clear and List.size() return zero.

And I'm using different layout for portrait orientation and landscape orientation.

I tried android:ConfigChanges="Orientation|Screensize" in menifest.xml , its prevent my data but it hold one to portrait layout even when change to landscape and its messing my layout.

I wanna know how to prevent my data with matching the separate layout for landscape and portrait.

I checked many question here but dint find exactly.

The app, should work API level SDK 8 to higher 15.

and please tell me the difference between onSaveInstanceState(Bundle outInstanceState) and onRetainNonConfigurationInstance().

And when i look onRetainNonConfigurationInstance() on developer.android, they says its deprecated in API level 13. So what should we use instead. Please help me. Thanks in advance. If need my code, willing to post here.

I did figure out to save the data somehow using below code.

    protected void onSaveInstanceState(Bundle) {
    // save your data
 //lstRoughDetailsPL is an object of List<Rough>
    outState.putSerializable(""+R.id.lstSO,(Serializable) lstRoughDetailsPL);

protected void onRestoreInstanceState(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    // read your previously saved data
        //lstRoughDetailsPL is an global object of List<Rough>
    lstRoughDetailsPL = (List<Rough>)savedInstanceState.getSerializable(""+R.id.lstSO);
    FillGrid();// used do fill the list view by looping around the List<Rough> and passing values as 4 string[] to a CustomAdapter which has 4 textview in each list entry.


but when call come or open another app from notification slide, my activity gets crush. say "Unfortunately, MyRoughWorkOutApp has Stopped"

What i have to do? How should i do? Is I'm in right way?

If u have some sample code please provide it

please help me... need urgently.

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I figured it out. I changed my class to parcelable class and then passed the object of ArrayList to bundle.

Now, Everything works fine and perfect. If anyone need help, feel free to say..

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