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Just a quick one to see whether it is possible to run a block of code after the bootstrap's init() has completed?

Hows the best way to go about it?

I have some external systems I need to connect to, and I want to show an 'index' page saying 'Connecting to sub systems' or something similar whilst this block completes, and then once its done the application works as normal.

Am I right in thinking you cant access a page until after bootstrap? Is there a simple way to restrict people accessing other parts of the system whilst this service runs? Does this seem feasible?

Cheers for any help!

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Do you need to have a screen for it? You can call your service in bootstrap and if you care about the result, create a domain to store connections succeed or failed and create a page to show the result. Until bootstrap is done you cannot see your screens. If you need this to happen on the page, then I can suggest another approach. – Alidad Apr 16 '13 at 12:57
Yes, although i disagree, the on highs want a screen showing a little information as it goes through this part of the setting up – DJOodle Apr 29 '13 at 12:00

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Based on your requirement as you also pointed out bootstrap is not your friend. you need a view and controller for your screen and a service for your connection logic to external systems. You also need a flag or a method for sanity check of the communication within the scope of application or session. Then I would suggest to create a filter and check if you have the connections, if not redirect them to the controller that will connect it. Sudo:

class ConnectionFilters {
def filters = {
    loginCheck(controller: '*', action: '*') {
        before = {
            if (!session.connection ) {
                redirect(controller:'connection',action: 'connect')
                return false


class controller {
    def connectionService
    def connect (){
        try {
            session.connection = false
            redirect view:'error'
        session.connection = true

class ConnectionService {
    def connectTo(systemname){
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That is exactly the sort of thing i need. I didn't even think of a filter. Cheers for that, good answer and a great starting point. – DJOodle Apr 29 '13 at 13:12

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