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I am new to PostgreSQL. I have failed to understand the need for pgScript, which could be executed using pgAdmin tool. When it should be used? What it can do that plpgSQL cannot do? What is equivalent of it in Microsoft SQL Server?

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pgScript is a feature of PgAdmin-III not PostgreSQL, the name is a bit unfortunate really, it should be pgAdminScript. I've never seen it used in practice, though I'm sure people do use it; I always do my work with plain psql, with PL/PgSQL, and where necessary with Python or Perl scripts that talk to PostgreSQL over psycopg2 (python) or DBI and DBD::Pg (Perl) –  Craig Ringer Apr 16 '13 at 10:01

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I used DDL script generator from Toad Data Modeler.

I ran the script using normal query execution in PgAdmin-III but it kept giving me error:
"ERROR: relation "user" already exists SQL state: 42P07".

I ran Execute pgScript in PgAdmin-III and it worked fine.

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pgScript is a client-side scripting language, while pl/PgSQL runs on the server. This means they have entirely different use cases. For example, PgScript can manage transaction status while pl/PgSQL cannot, but pl/Pgsql can be used to extend the language of SQL while pgScript cannot do that.

Additionally it means the two will handle many other things quite differently ranging from query plans to dynamic SQL, and while pgScript requires round trips between queries pl/Pgsql does not.

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