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I was wondering if it is possible to build (via blddemo) some of the directories (i.e. their trees) in parallel while others not.

I have a situation where some of the directories containing parts of the software have been adjusted to build in parallel (i.e. build -M x works great) while others not and thus I cannot do a global MP build.

Thanks, Pawel

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Set the BUILD_MULTIPROCESSOR environment variable, then use the SYNCHRONIZE_BLOCK and SYNCHRONIZE_DRAIN macros in your SOURCES files to enforce your desired build ordering.

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That isn't what I wanted, this has already been done to some parts and these parts compile in parallel. What I wanted is something like setting BUILD_MULTIPROCESSOR from within dirs or sources to something more than 1 where the dirs can be built in parallel and set to 1 where this is not possible due to the 'historical reasons". But anyway thanks. –  Pawel K Apr 19 '13 at 6:49

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