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I use the ruby logger like this:

$logger = Logger.new MultiIO.new($stdout, log_file)

Where the MultiIO is a class I got from this answer. This works great, mostly, but I am using 'colored' rubygem to give coloured output on the terminal. Unfortunately this ends up in the logfile too as ANSI escapes looking like [32mPASS[0m or some similar non-printable characters rubbish.

What is the best approach to sanitise the logfile strings whilst keeping colours for the tty strings? I don't mind monkey-patching Logger or MultiIO, but I absolutely don't want two different calls for logfile and screen.

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I've never had any problems with ANSI escape characters in my log files. Most Unix tools (cat, more, less, grep, tail etc.) handle them just fine. –  Stefan Apr 16 '13 at 9:46
Yes, I know, unfortunately the kind of people that will be needing these will probably be using notepad.exe or gedit at best. –  wim Apr 16 '13 at 10:09

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This is my current solution

class ColourBlind
  def initialize(*targets)
     @targets = targets

  def write(*args)
    @targets.each {|t| t.write(*args.map {|x| x.gsub(/\e\[(\d+)m/, '')}.compact)}

  def close

And then:

$logger = Logger.new MultiIO.new($stdout, ColourBlind.new(log_file))
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/\e\[(\d+)(;\d+)*m/ should be better, since sometimes people put foreground and background color together in some telnet programs. –  xis Sep 12 '13 at 20:48

From the colorize gem:

class String
  REGEXP_PATTERN = /\033\[([0-9]+);([0-9]+);([0-9]+)m(.+?)\033\[0m|([^\033]+)/m

  def uncolorize
    self.scan(REGEXP_PATTERN).inject("") do |str, match|
      str << (match[3] || match[4])
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