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I have matrix like :

[1,]  12  32  43  55
[2,]  54  54  7   8
[3,]  2   56  76  88
[4,]  58  99  93  34

Q1) I do not know how many row and column i will have in matrix. so that i want to give row and column name dynamically.

Q2) Can i set a list as column name and row name like :

colnames(rmatrix) <- c("a","b","c","d")

i want to give like

lists <- ("a","b","c","d")
colnames(rmatrix) <- c(lists) 
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You can use rownames and colnames and setting do.NULL=FALSE in order to create names dynamically, as in:

rmatrix  <-  matrix(sample(0:100, 16), ncol=4)

dimnames(rmatrix) <- list(rownames(rmatrix, do.NULL = FALSE, prefix = "row"),
                          colnames(rmatrix, do.NULL = FALSE, prefix = "col"))

     col1 col2 col3 col4
row1   26   19   58   61
row2   37   86    5   33
row3   56   97   18   66
row4   89   62   15   42

you can change prefix to name the rows/cols as you want to.

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To dynamically names columns(or rows) you can try

colnames(rmatrix) <- letters[ncol(rmatrix)]

where letters can be replaced by a vector of column names of your choice. You can do similar thing for rows.

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