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I'm using the SMO collection of views, and would like to extract a view from this collection based on its "TABLE_NAME" property, i.e. the TABLE_NAME column in the following SQL query:


After executing the above query, let's say I've stored the table name in a variable called name.

How can I return the view with that name? I've tried the following, however it does not check for the view name, but rather the TABLE_SCHEMA + TABLE_NAME:


For example, if I want to get a view whose name is "Testing", the collection would not return anything on calling currentDatabase.Views["Testing"] as the view would be stored as [Schema].[Testing] for example.

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Managed to solve the problem myself. If anyone has the same problem, the View collection has an overloaded option where you can specify the name and schema, like so:

currentDatabase.Views[name, schema];
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