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I am trying to add a new row to an already created datatable, but if before adding the row I call fnClearTable() I get a 404 NOT FOUND error, if I do not clear the table before it simply does not work, here is the code:

table = $("#elem_info_table").dataTable( {
  "bServerSide": true,
  "aaSorting": [[ 0, "desc" ]],
  "bJQueryUI": true,
  "bAutoWidth": false
 } );
table.fnAddTr($('<tr onClick="zoomElem(this)" style="background-color:'+color+'"><td>'+colorSquema[element]["element"]+"</td><td>"+colorSquema[element]["measurement"]+'</td><td><img src='+imgSrc+'radiolog/images/icon-ok.png/></td></tr>')[0]);

PS: I am using this script for the fnAddTr function https://code.google.com/p/regimun/source/browse/trunk/media/js/dataTables.fnAddTr.js?r=81

Thanks in advance

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The example here (datatables.net/forums/discussion/6092/…) makes me think your table is no more a Datatable after calling the fnClearTable() method no? –  Ricola3D Apr 16 '13 at 10:05

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