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I'm trying to use PyGame with PyDev using Python 3. I know there are lots of questions about this but none of what I have read in last few hours has helped me. I'm new developing on Linux and Python so I may have done something wrong.

When I import pygame Eclipse shows an error inmediately (it cannot find the module). I have configured Python3 and I can use it with other PyDev projects. If I use Python 2.7 I can import pygame with PyDev. I can also use PyGame with IDLE using Python3, so I know Python 3 can load pygame on my system.

To sum up, it seems every combination of versions and tools works, except PyDev with Python3 and PyGame.


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There's different installers for pygame-py2.7 and pygame-py3.x You have to match the python version with the install. So perhaps your pointing your path to the other version? – ninMonkey Apr 16 '13 at 18:12
I can't find any different installer on the pygame web, nor in the ubuntu repositories. Do you mean the installation script? I have already installed pygame using Python3 and it works fine with IDLE. Or maybe I am not understanding what you say. Thanks! :) – rgargente Apr 17 '13 at 8:17

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