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I am looking for a code complxity analysis tool for c++ which can run on unix and generate output in the form of an xml file. something like this : http://www.blunck.info/ccm.html This tool works on windows but i need something which runs on unix.

thanks in advance

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You could try pmccabe (http://parisc-linux.org/~bame/pmccabe/). It operates on the code before preprocessing - so may not work well always.

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You can actually run the ccm binaries on Unix as well. You just have to install mono, and then invoke ccm like this:

mono ./CCM.exe <config details>

You would have to manually copy over CCM.exe and CCMEngine.dll from Windows though, as there is no separate package for that.

1 http://www.blunck.se/ccm.html

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