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I want to use Config::scoped module in my perl code.

This is my config :

          user      = 'xxx';
          pass = 'aaa';
          dbname = 'data';
          host = 'dataserver.company.cz';

When I use :

    my $cs          = Config::Scoped->new( file => $config);
    my $cfg_hash    = $cs->parse;
    print $cfg_hash->{http_db}{user};  # prints xxx;
    if ( defined( $cfg_hash->{http_dp}{user} ) ) {
          print "defined"; # does not print
          print "undefined"; # prints

I expect the if condition to be fullfilled but it is not. Why?

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If your code is is exactly what you included here, it is because of a simple typo.

Your print statement uses the http_db key correctly, but your if statement uses http_dp.

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