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I have a pad multiplxed as GPIO on my board. When I try to export it via /sys/class/gpio/export, I get

-sh: echo: write error: Device or resource busy

My guess is some other driver is requesting this pad before I get that chance. How can I find out what is reserving it?

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You can use 'lsof' command to list the open files. according to fact that gpio files are regular files. (e.g /sys/class/gpio/gpio242/value).
Also you should be sure of loading the right kernel modules (with insmod or modprobe) into memory.

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That will not work as the sysfs node does not exist yet. Echoing the GPIO number to export should create the node, but it does not. –  Atilla Filiz Aug 3 '13 at 12:14
If you load the right kernel module, you can see all of available gpio in /sys/devices/virtual/gpio/ directory. Whats your contents of directory? You can see the label file to follow its real position in schematics of board. –  paykoob Aug 3 '13 at 16:04
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We ended up using another GPIO pin. i.mx6 has 7 GPIO controllers with 32 pins each, and some conrollers were simply giving I/O errors out of seemingly nowhere.

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