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I know that I have the swing library because I can add JFrames programmatically. However, I cannot add a JFrame in Eclipse with New > Other > Swing etc. as I do not have the Swing folder amongst my other Wizards.

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Are you sure it is "Eclipse8.6" your working with? – t0r0X Apr 16 '13 at 15:48

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There is no such wizard in Eclipse. You need to extend Eclipse with Plugins to get similar features.

Formerly there was only one available for Eclipse, Visual Editor, but it has been deprecated and will be replaced by WindowBuilder. In the meantime there are more GUI building plugins available: see here.

One plugin not mentioned there is Swing GUI Designer, formerly named Matisse4MyEclipse. In the comments for this plugin you'll finde some references to other GUI builder/designer plugins.

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