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I have a custom button in Activity homepage grid ribbon. I have an enable rule that calls a Javascript function. This rule doesn't seem to be working - it's not calling the Javascript function, I've put an alert to verify this. When I test my javascript function by calling from a Form OnLoad, everything looks fine.

So i'm guessing that the Homepage ribbon is not loading the js library somehow ? Has anyone come across this before ? Please help.

<EnableRule Id="RRM.activitypointer.HomepageGrid.RunReport">
    <CustomRule Library="RRM_/Script/Common/Main.js" FuncionName="RRM.Common.enableRunReport"></CustomRule>
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I've found the solution. A couple of things 1. The way the webresource is called. Changing the rule to something like below worked

<CustomRule Library="$webresource:RRM_/Script/Common/Main.js" .. >

2. Loading the dependent webresources (since this button is not on a form). Adding dummy custom rules to call the dependent webresources fixed it

<CustomRule Library="$webresource:name" Functionname="isNAN"/>
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You have a typo, is FunctionName instead of FuncionName

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sorry I think it might have been a typo. My ribbonXml has the correct syntax. –  Rajesh Apr 16 '13 at 10:30

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