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Hey there I need one help I have "Products" table and "Services" table.There is an association between these two tables. 'Products' belongs to 'Services' and 'Services' has many 'Products'. I have to find for all 'Products' its corresponding all "Service_id's".

my code is:-

$products = $this->Product->query('select name from products');//retrives all products
for ($p=0; $p<count($products); $p++)
                  $serviceid = $this->Product->query("select service_id from products where name = $products[$p][name]");//for each product finding its all corresponding service_id


In above code $product[$p][name] is not working.

Thanks in advance

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Change the $this->Product->query('select name from products'); for a cake method: find('all');

Since I'm not a fan of $recursive != -1, I'll put the code here if you want to avoid that recursion:

To find all products with it's correspondent services

$products = $this->Product->find('all', array('recursive'=>-1,

To find all services with its correspondent products it almost the same

$services = $this->Service->find('all', array('recursive'=>-1,

Do read the methods of cake for this kind of thing, they save you a lot of time and sql-related-headaches when you get the hang of it.

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First off please DO NOT DO this ever:

for ($p=0; $p<count($products); $p++) {...

Always assign the count to a variable:

$productsCount = count($products);

and then:

for ($p=0; $p<$productsCount; $p++) {...

When your count is in your loop it will get called every time. This has a tremendous effect on the time it takes for this statement to execute! This count is just a static integer value that you need and you surely do not need to calculate it every time.

On your question:

You can do this through the ORM since you already have the associations between the models in place, right? This will give you all Product records with all associated Services:

$this->Product->recursive = 1;

You can also go "the other way arround" but the ServiceModel must be available in the Controller (Controller::$uses).

$this->Service->recursive = 1;

You can add contitions, fields to fetch, etc. in Model::find() - look here. I already commented on this manner but the last bit in your example is absolutely prone to SQLInjection! Just try putting DROP DATABASE someDB through the HTML input field and watch the DB die... CakePHP does NOT cleanup mess like that. That's a specific feature of the Model::query method - it is used for hand-written queryes.

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Few Important Things..

[IMP] Do not fire any query in loop. Its very bad practice and will reduce your application performance up to lowest.

  1. In cake, you can find records for associate table as you mentioned products Belongs To Service. Hence your query should look like


As I can see u r looking for NAME and SERVICE_ID, Hence query will be


This this case u no need to user recursive, as it takes

$this->Product->recursive = 2;

Hope this will be helpful to u..

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