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I am trying to intergrate facebook connect webtechnick plugin with my Cakephp application. My login and logout is working, but i am not able to get the facebook user details like username, userid,firstname,lastname etc..

Here is my code in Appcontroller:

public $components = array(
            'Session','Facebook.Connect'=>array('model' => 'User'));

public function beforeFilter() {

$this->set('facebook_user', $this->Connect->user());


when i tried this in my view <?php echo debug($facebook_user);?> I am getting null value

How can i solve this

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Maybe your user is logged out when your making the call to $this->Connect->user() which is calling FB->api('/me'). Depending on the debug level you set in the /Config/core.php & with the php.ini settings html_errors = On, you should get Exceptions thrown if this is the case & would explain why you get an empty response.

Personnally, I use in AppController.php :

public function beforeFilter(){
    if($this->Connect->FB->getUser() != 0){
        $this->set('facebookUser', $this->Connect->user());

This way, it doesn't try to call the api if I do not have an access token that grants access to non-generic details (id, name, bio, etc.). Having a 0 for FB->getUser() answer meaning that the user didn't grant access to his data for this app, thus allowing no user_token to call api(/me).

Anyway, you should try to debug the issue from inside the controller, try to add var_dump($this->Connect->uid, $this->Connect->me); at the end of beforeFilter() and see what you get.

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