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Hi am trying in my script to parse some number of files and redirecting its output to some other file.. please help me out where am doing wrong.. because am creating saperate file for each output.. but its creating a common file .txt file.. and my code is not working..

like for craeting output file below are the code-

open( $m1logFIle, "> $m1log.txt" ) || die "\n Could not create write file.\n\n";
open( $g1logFIle, "> $g1log.txt" ) || die "\n Could not create write file.\n\n";
open( $V1logFIle, "> $VOD1og.txt") || die "\n Could not create write file.\n\n";

I am printing it to the file with following code:

print $V1logFIle  "-V1 Success @ $curr_exectime(ms)\n\n";

please help me out.. waiting for your reply..

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You should really include the value of $! in your error message like it shows in the documentation for open. Or you could just use autodie;, and get rid of the || die ...;. Also you should always add use strict; and use warnings; until you know exactly why it is recommended. – Brad Gilbert Apr 16 '13 at 22:21

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I am going to make some assumptions here.

  1. You are not using use strict and use warnings, which is why you cannot figure out why this is happening.
  2. When you say but its creating a common file .txt file, you actually mean that it is creating a file with the name .txt.
  3. Your variables $m1log, $g1log and $VOD1og are somehow undefined.

So, to fix this, add

use strict;
use warnings;

to your script and fix the errors and warnings that appear. If your problem still persists, make sure your variables actually contain what you think they do, for example by printing them with the Data::Dumper module:

use Data::Dumper;
print Dumper $VOD1og;

You will find that Data::Dumper is an excellent debugging tool.


my $VOD1og;         # undefined variable
print "> $VOD1og";  # prints "> " because $VOD1og is empty

Without use warnings, no warning is given.

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Thanks alot..:) – user2282534 Apr 16 '13 at 13:54

if there is a variable $m1log existing then it should be

open( $m1logFIle, ">", $m1log.".txt" ) || die "\n Could not create write file.\n\n";
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While I agree that this is a better way to write those lines, it does not actually help with the problem the OP is complaining about. – Brad Gilbert Apr 16 '13 at 22:24
initially am defining variable.. my $m1logFILE; But at last still am getting some undefined file name as an output.. like - GLOB(0x155476c).txt, GLOB(0x155474c).txt... , where am doing wrong?? – user2282534 Apr 17 '13 at 8:52

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