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I have published my website on Amazon EC2 (Singapore region) and I have used mysql rds instance for the data storage. every thing is working very fine except performance.

I seems that, my all queries, specially select statement is performing very slow. If I check this issue on my local PC, there is working very well. but when I am trying to get data from rds instance, it is dam slow. some of the select statements takes 2-3 seconds to fetch data.

I have properly tuning up all table index, and normalize/de-normalize as required. I have made all necessary settings on rds custom parameter group eg. max_connection, buffer etc. (don't know if i am something missing), but it is not worked for me. means performance is not increase. so, please someone can help me for the same.

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It is worth noting that, for whatever reason, MySQL query cache is OFF by default in RDS. We learned that the hard way ourselves this week.

This won't help performance of your initial query, but it may speed things up in general.

To re-enable query cache:

  1. Log in to the RDS Console
  2. Click on your RDS instance to view it's details
  3. Edit the Database Parameter Group
  4. Be sure to set both query_cache_size and query_cache_type

(Disclaimer: I am not a DBA so there may be additional things I'm missing here)

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It is important to have your RDS and EC2 instances not in the same region but in the same availability zone to minimize the latency.

I had an API hosted in Ireland on EC2 and moved the Database to a MySQL cluster in Virginia USA that we had set up for another project and the round trip on every SQL query made the API unusable.

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Having a RDS and EC2 on same availability zone implies they are on the same region –  dvdvck Aug 5 at 19:29

RDS MySQL performance can be increased in following ways assuming the system has more read ratio:

P1) Use Larger instance types, they come with better NW bandwidth. Example AWS Quadrapule EXL comes with 1000Mbps bandwith.

P2) Use PIOPS storage you can extract 12500 IOPS of 16KB from MySQL DB

P3) If lots of read is performed, add one or more Read Replica's to increase read performance

P4) Apply standard practices like : Tune the queries, apply the indexes etc

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First i highly recommend to look over these queries using


You can read more about it on SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST

This will show you the time each query take.

Then you can use


You can read more about it on EXPLAIN

This will show you if you need some enhancement on your queries

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