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How exactly should Host names be compared in an x509 certificate?

eg: if the certificate is registered for *.abcorp.com, then can a site like www.sales.abcorp.com be valid for this certificate? or only sites like sales.abcorp.com be valid in such a case?

This question is to clear a doubt in my mind on my implementation of hostname check for ssl certificate.

Google Chrome goes with the later. i.e if a certificate has CN field as *.abcorp.com, then only sites like sales.abcorp.com will be valid under that certificate and sites like www.sales.abcorp.com will throw an error saying servers certificate doesnot match the URL.

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Such certificates are known as Wildcard certificate. After reading about wildcard certificate at wiki, it is found that only single level of sub-domain matching is supported.

Since supporting www over domain may accidentally support multiple levels of domain. Therefore, cases such as www.sales.abcorp.com does not match.

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